Great coaching starts with a conversation.

Build your managers' capabilities to develop their teams through meaningful, productive and focused conversations.

DevelopMe™ Coaching Conversations helps managers understand thoroughly what coaching is and where it can be applied. Our solution helps to develop managers to conduct effective coaching conversations with employees, peers and bosses, and prepares them to coach employees on their developmental plan.

The DevelopMe Coaching Conversations portal helps your leaders learn the skill of conducting coaching conversations to help employees enhance their performance, prepare for advancement, and on-board successfully into new roles. The portal is designed around an intuitive framework which guides users through the site and provides access to content built on LHH’s proven Results-Based Coaching Model.

The information is laid out in such a way that your managers and leaders can find key content on-demand, and can select, save, and print appropriate job aids for use in their coaching conversations. The recommended approach instructs users to utilize the online assessments in order to generate valuable feedback and recommendations to grow their own coaching competency.

Effective coaching practices and techniques are illustrated throughout the site and are the basis of interactive e-learning modules, which provide users with practical, actionable instruction for having effective coaching conversations. Our Coaching Conversations™ e-learning course delivers content via five 15-20 minute modules:
  • Results-based Coaching Model™. Gives managers a framework within which they can have effective conversations about issues related to individual and team performance.
  • Ask, Don’t Tell™. Defines the Ask, Don’t Tell coaching practice, including what types of questions to ask as well as selecting ones appropriate for common coaching situations.
  • Reframe the Picture™. Defines the Reframe the Picture coaching practice, including appropriate questions or sentences to use within a given coaching situation.
  • Truth Talk™. Defines the Truth Talk coaching practice, including being able to provide forthright feedback by describing the behavior that you are addressing and the impact on others.
  • Supplementary Coaching Practices. Defines the three supplementary coaching practices, Define the In-the-Moment Feedback™, Explore Possibilities™, and Create Partnerships™.
Webinars, Group Sessions, and Coaching
Lee Hecht Harrison has developed online talent development solutions to enable your organization to reach a broader audience in a cost-effective and scalable way. We also continue to provide live trainings and coaching to our client organizations. In fact, our online solutions were specifically designed to be blended with our live delivery options. We can work with your team members in the following ways:
  • Webinars
  • Group sessions
  • One-on-one coaching