CRN LHH Thailand

Career Resource Network Thailand

For more than 56 years,
we have helped people evolve their careers and organisations transform to achive their goals

Helping people figure out what they want to do
with their careers, and how to go about it, is what we do.

We’ll give you the confidence and support you need to take control and decide what happens next.

It doesn’t cost you a penny—your company has set this up on your behalf and is paying for the support so please take advantage of the services available to you.
How to Learning CRN ( Career Resource Network Thailand )

CRN ( Career Resource Network Thailand ) Services

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Benefits of the Career
Resource Network

1. Aligns the content to the candidate’s job search goal,
which is a more intuitive experience

2. Improves navigation to hot topics important
to the candidate

3. Empowers the candidate to drive their transition plan

4. Provides the candidate an updated list of ‘To-Dos’
necessary to move forward each
week toward their goal

5. Allows the candidate to add personalized ‘To-Dos’