Chang is always happening, and happening quickly

Train your managers and leaders to maintain engagement, productivity, and performance during times of change.

DevelopMe™ Leading Through Change presents a practical, actionable approach to help your organization communicate its key messaging and business case for change to your managers and leaders. The e-Learning modules in this portal include understanding organizational change, behavior-based change model, leading change and engaging employees and teams during change. 

The DevelopMe Leading Through Change portal is designed around a framework which guides users through the site, giving them the tools and information necessary to successfully lead individuals and teams through change.

Within the portal, your managers will have 24/7 access to a range of downloadable job aids and online assessments to guide the user in his or her learning. Incorporated into the assessment results are specific recommended actions which will help build their change leadership capability.

As part of their portfolio of blended talent development solutions, LHH can incorporate key information regarding in-person or virtual live trainings, guiding individuals through prework, and the opportunity to communicate key information regarding additional training opportunities. 

Developed to maximize user interactivity, the e-learning solutions provide practical content that allows your managers to have effective conversations with their employees and teams in order to maintain engagement, productivity, and performance during times of change. Our Leading Through Change e-learning course delivers content via five 15-20 minute modules:
  • Understanding Organizational Change. Identify the most frequent business drivers for change and recognize the reasons for resistance to change.
  • LHH Behavior-Based Change Model. Identify the five stages of change and learn to recognize the typical feelings and behaviors that accompany each.
  • Leading Change. Assess which leader action is primary for each stage of change. Use specific strategies by identifying what to do, avoid and ask, and apply strategies to change scenarios.
  • Engaging Employees in Change. Identify how to engage the support of others, conduct conversations with employees using a roadmap tool, and influence others to accept change as a positive force.
  • Engaging Teams During Change. Identify how to maintain and enhance team performance and increase team engagement.
  • Navigating Through Change. Uses LHH’s Behavior-Based Change Model to guide employees through a five-stage process.
  • Developing Personal Resilience. An interactive module that helps individuals face the challenges resulting from organizational change.

Webinars, Group Sessions, and Coaching

While Lee Hecht Harrison has developed online talent development solutions to enable your organization to reach a broader audience in a cost-effective and scalable way, we continue to provide live trainings and coaching to our client organizations. In fact, our online solutions were specifically designed to be blended with our live delivery options. We can work with your team members in the following ways:
  • Webinars
  • Group sessions
  • One-on-one coaching