Wouldn’t it be great if your career  followed a nice straight line?
All careers have bumps, twists, and turns that come when least expected. Prepare your employees to be ready. 
LHH DevelopMe™ Career Development provides resources designed to help employees increase their abilities to develop their careers, as well as build the ability of your managers to drive employee development. Interactive web tools include Career Initiative® Assessment, TalentSort® Interest Assessment, OptionsSmart™ Assessment and Talent Builder® Assessment and Development Guide. 

The DevelopMe Career Development portal provides the necessary resources to help employees take ownership of their careers. It is also designed to build your managers ability to support employee development.

Integrating cutting-edge technology with proven approaches, LHH’s DevelopMe portal is the solution for your enterprise-wide career development needs. The portal is grounded within a framework that makes it easy for your employees to navigate the site and manage their careers.

Additionally, LHH’s portfolio of solutions ensures that you address the needs of your managers in facilitating career development among your staff. The portal provides them with the instruction, tools, and resources to have effective conversations with their employees to maximize engagement and performance. 

LHH offers an array of individual assessments for your employees to evaluate themselves in a number of key areas, enabling them to develop a career plan and take action. These assessments can be provided in any combination to your employees to supplement in-person training, but are robust enough to be utilized in a self-paced program. Some examples are:  
– Career Initiative™ Assessment. Are you taking charge of your career? This assessment will show you the 15 critical initiatives for career success and will give you recommendations for taking action.

– TalentSort® Interest Cards Assessment. Are you leveraging your talents and interests? This fun card game will highlight your Interest Profile and ways to get the kind of work you love to do. 

– NetworkSmart™ Planner. Do you have a powerful network? This tool will help you assess the depth and breadth of your current network and give you practical strategies for action.

– OptionsSmart™ Assessment. Do you know your career options? This assessment will help you decide what may be the best career and development options for you.

– MentorSmart™ Assessment. Do you have mentors to support your professional development? This assessment will help you understand where you may need and want a mentor to enhance your career.

– TalentBuilder® Assessment. Are you an A+ retention and development manager? This instrument will give you a benchmark and practical recommendations for taking action immediately.
Webinars, Group Sessions, and Coaching
While Lee Hecht Harrison offers online talent development solutions to enable your organization to reach a broader audience in a cost-effective and scalable way, we continue to provide live trainings and coaching to our client organizations. In fact, our online solutions were specifically designed to be blended with our live delivery options. We can work with your team members in the following ways: 

– Webinars
– Group sessions
– One-on-one coaching