Achieving growth while navigating change requires adaptable, engaged managers and employees — along with an effective strategy for retaining key talent.
Empower leaders, teams and employees to lead, navigate, and embrace change. Build confidence and trust in how your organization will manage change and achieve its organizational goals. By involving and supporting your people through change you can mitigate flight risk and continue performing at high levels.
We deliver customized solutions that incorporate manager and employee training, digital tools, and coaching to ensure sustainable engagement and workforce productivity. We develop implementation plans that improve talent retention and build personal resilience throughout the organization.
ChangeMap™ for Managers
Equip managers with the insights, skills, and tools to help employees navigate change and uncertainty so they stay engaged and continue to perform so you achieve your business results.
ChangeMap™ for Employees
Improve employee trust and engagement by helping employees develop the mindset and skills required to deal with ambiguity and change so they are equipped to succeed in the face of changing expectations, job security or loss.
Building Resilience
Build resilient leaders and employees with our interactive two-hour modules or half-day seminars so your organization can better navigate changes big or small.
DevelopMe Change Solution Portal
Our DevelopMe Change Solutions Portal incorporates 30+ years of change management expertise and insights into a single online space that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere around the world.