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Sasiwimon Kolpraneet

Executive Coach & Consultant
Sasiwimon has been working in the areas of Customer Services, Operation, Cabin Crew Management and People Development in airline business, hospitality and Food Industries; as Duty Airport Manager, Cabin Crew Administration Manager, Facilities Manager, Operation Consultant, HR Manager and Career Coach (Career Transition Center)

Through her career life, Sasiwimon has devotedly developed the processes, manual, customer services excellence, leadership coaching. As a career coach, endeavor to assist her customers to cope with the difficulty during their career transition in finding themselves own values, life & career goals to align with their life as well as professional environment. She has worked with individuals ranging from middle management and operation.

The digital and IT technology influences strongly changed the human behaviors; of course, ease our daily life and reachable to whatever we have never heard before. It makes our world closer and faster. For work life, it strikes and impacts us, our tasks are replaced by smart software. We need to prepare and alert ourselves to be up-to-date and fast to learn it.
Therefore, we have to be conscious and build our awareness to make profit of all we have for better living nowadays. 

Area of Expertise

Executive Coaching

Leadership Development

Team Effectiveness