LHH Thailand CSR for local Community

LHH CSR for Local community 


LHH Thailand, a leader in outplacement service and talent development understands the devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on all fronts, from healthcare to, education to mental well-being. In the aftermath of the pandemic, LHH Thailand also had to actively evolve our business strategy to thrive in the sensitive economy while maintaining employees’ wellness. Our 20+ years expertise in talent development industry helped us succeed in leading our organization through the pandemic. We have learned a lot from the past year and are still implementing these lessons with the Accelerate Change Model followed by Resilience skill to sharpen our company’s leader vision and to reskill & upskills our employee for the future workforce. With the lesson we’ve learned and the importance of supporting locals for wellness sustainability, LHH Thailand has continued doing CSR project for 3 activities.

1. Visiting Moo ban dek School.

LHH Thailand Cooperate Social Responsibility at the end of year 2020 is to see young generation smile. On December 10th ,2020 LHH Thailand visited Children’s village school (Moo ban dek) for team building activities that benefits students at the school. Children’s village school (Moo ban dek) is a home for unfortunate children that offers more than a house and education. The school has vegetable garden, chicken farm and fishpond to support in need of food for everyone at the school which LHH Thailand donated vegetable seeds, bio-fertilizer, Chicken, and fish feeds to promote biodiversity in farmer’s field. LHH Thailand also joined the Cinema room to clean and gave away 2 rolling speakers for Entertainment room where most of children in school are on the weekend for group activities. LHH value the happiness of community as we aim to develop our business along with sustainable care for Thai society and the unity of the team everywhere we go

2. Supporting medical equipment to 2 hospitals.

Due to increasing number of immobile patients at Chachoengsao hospital, LHH donated 50 Inflatable beds to the hospital for helping to prevent and to treat pressure wounds or bed sores for bedridden patients. LHH Thailand see the necessity of supporting medical equipment which is not only reducing risk from pressure wounds complications but also making the medical staff work easier with patients. Another significant purpose is to boost the morale of patients and visitors in the hospital.

For Priest Hospital, LHH Thailand provided donation of Nutrition supplements, 70% Alcohol and Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer.

3.Giving 100,000 scholarship to Phuket Wittayalai School.

COVID-19 has had a crippling impact on the tourism industry, causing the loss of multiple jobs and economic opportunities. In an effort to extend support to individuals financially devastated by the pandemic, LHH Thailand has donated 100,000 Thai Baht in scholarships to the Phuket Wittayalai School. These funds will be allocated to students affected by their family’s inability to operate normally during the epidemic, aiding them in pursing their education.

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