BIo summary 

Pielin Saengkum

Senior Business Development Manager

The ability to not only navigate complex organizational changes but also to foster meaningful and enduring relationships with clients.

With over 6 years of experience overseeing projects related to organizational restructuring, employee termination, and employee layoff, we know about Outplacement Project. She has become a trusted advisor to numerous leading global companies across various industries such as pharmaceutical, finance and banking, FMCG, energy, and food industries, etc. 

She has served as a valuable partner to clients, extending beyond the role of a salesperson. Her belief is that more than selling a service, being a partner involves collaborating with clients to think strategically, plan effectively, and solve problems.    This philosophy is at the core of her work.

She has earned the trust of many HR professionals through her dedicated service over the past 6 years. Moreover, she has been selected by HR professionals to lead key projects in internal meetings at a national level across multiple countries as she is a professional with a wealth of knowledge and skills and is considered to oversee crucial projects.

This honor demonstrates her dedication and effectiveness in providing professional and comprehensive consulting services.